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Reviveaphone THE SOLUTION View Product Details...
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  • So you've dropped your phone in the bath? All is not lost
  • Bring your water-damaged phone back to life in just 24 hours
  • Removes the mineral deposits that short-circuit your phone
  • Beats the hell out of having to buy an expensive new mobile!
  • Bang! And the minerals are gone

Have you ever inadvertently taken your phone for a quick swim? Dropped it in the bath? Left it outside in the rain? Well now you can bring your water-damaged mobile back to life in just 24 hours with Reviveaphone.
Let's make one thing absolutely clear, this is not some glorified and over-priced bag of rice that claims to heal a phone by simply "drying it out." When your mobile gets wet it may look immaculate on the outside, but beneath its shiny exterior, encrusted mineral deposits have caused short circuits on the motherboard resulting in a dead phone that will remain this way no matter how dry it is – Reviveaphone removes this destructive mineral residue.
Simply pour the miraculous Reviveaphone solution into the included pouch, power down your phone and place it in the pouch for 7 minutes. Then just take it out and leave it to dry for 24 hours in the tray provided. Et voilà, your water-damaged mobile is now in fully working order.
Every phone deserves a second chance, so get yourself this noble lifeguard and it'll always be there, ever-ready to spring into action and save the day. Though instead of vigorously pumping your chest and blowing bad breath down your throat, it'll be swiftly dissolving the grime from within your soaking wet phone.

Please Note:
  • must be powered down before immersing in the solution
  • Solution is flammable, please be careful
  • If your phone still doesn't work, don't panic. Leave the phone to dry for a further 24 hours
Product Features:
  • Removes the encrusted mineral deposits that cause your phone to short-circuit and stop working
  • Bring your phone back to life in just 24 hours
  • So much better than having to buy a new phone!
  • As seen on Dragon's Den
  • Money-back guarantee if it doesn't work (the cost of the Reviveaphone not your phone)
  • Measures approximately 17cm(W) x 12cm(H) x 5cm(D)
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